Certification Process

Stage 1

  • Audit the management system documentation to determine that the documented management system addresses the standard requirements;
  • Evaluate client location and site-specific conditions and determine how these will affect the readiness to proceed to stage 2
  • Evaluate the understanding of the requirements of the standard, in particular with respect to the identification of key performance or significant aspects, processes, objectives and operation of the management system;
  • Review and confirm the scope of the management system and therefore establish the objectives for the stage 2 audit,
  • Evaluate the processes and related statutory and regulatory aspects of the company activities
  • To plan the Stage 2 audit
  • To establish the status of the planned arrangements for internal audit and management review
  • Draw conclusions regarding the general readiness for the Stage 2 audit.

Typically a stage 1 audit is carried out on site and is reported using the stage 1 report.

Occasionally it may be appropriate to conduct an off-site stage 1 audit; this shall only be completed with the express permission (in advance) of the Advanced Certification head office.

Stage 2

The objectives of a Stage 2 audit are:

  • Evaluate the effective implementation of the management system through the audit of objective evidence of conformity to requirements of the relevant management system standard and or other related normative documents;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of performance monitoring, measuring, reporting and continual improvement against key performance objectives and targets;
  • Evaluate the management system performance as regards legal compliance, operational control of processes, internal auditing and management review and policies;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the links between the normative requirements, policy, performance objectives and targets, applicable legal requirements, responsibilities, competence of personnel, operations, procedures, performance data and internal audit findings and conclusions.

A stage 2 audit is carried out on site and is reported using the stage 2 report.

Client need to maintain their certification with an Annual Assessment which involves a commitment to being assessed every 12 months.