Environmental Management System

Why ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an Environmental Management System (EMS). It does not state requirements for environmental performance, but sets out a framework that your company can follow in order to benefit the environment and also improve efficiency by reducing costs.

ISO 14001 certification can be used by any organization that wants to validate its improvement of resource efficiency, waste reduction, and drive down costs.

Benefits of ISO 14001 certification to your organization

  • Improved performance of affected process
  • Develops the corporate image and credibility
  • Quantifies, monitors and controls the impact of operations on the environment, now and in the future
  • Better environmental management reduces waste and energy use
  • Improve efficiency to cut the cost of running your business
  • Demonstrate compliance to expand your business opportunities
  • Meet legal obligations to win greater stakeholder and customer trust
  • Ensures legislative awareness and compliance
  • Improves environmental performance of supply chain
  • Protects the company, assets, shareholders and directors
  • Grows your access to business partners and potential customers
  • Averts pollution and reduces waste,
  • Responds to pressure from customers and shareholder
  • Bringing the Environment and Continuous Improvement into the heart of your business

        The revised standard will ensure that environmental management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies of your organization. This strategic focus will result in optimizing the performance of your EMS making it more sustainable, saving money and helping preserve the world’s resources for future generations.

  • Leadership

        Greater involvement in the management system by the leadership team will ensure the whole organization will be motivated towards the organizations goals and objectives.

  • Improved Environmental Performance

         Organizations will need to take steps to protect the environment and improve environmental performance. Good environmental management will reduce the risk of regulatory fines and can often identify opportunities to save money.

  • An Integrated Approach

        With the new structure applicable to all new ISO management systems standards it will be much easier to implement multiple, integrated management systems.