09 Sep

What are the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard?

  • determine the internal and external context that affects the organization
  • determine the need and expectations of interested parties
  • determine the scope of the quality management system
  • determine the input required and output expected of these processes
  • determine the interaction of these process
  • determine the criteria, methods, including measurement and related performance indicators needed to ensure effective operation and control these processes
  • determine the resources needed for these processes and ensure their availability
  • assigning responsibilities and authorities for these processes by adopting a Stakeholder approach to quality management.
  • determine risks and opportunities in accordance with these process and appropriate actions to address them.
  • Determine the methods to monitor, measure and evaluate the processes
  • Determine opportunities for improvement in processes and quality management system
  • Makes it easier for the Service industry with the word product replaced by goods and services.
  • Determine the amount of documented information on processes.